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Hello! Any updates on this game yet? Ive got a few questions to ask:
1. What app did you use to create this visual storybook?
2.Can anyone recommend other games like this? Im focusing mainly and the Boarding School genre, and it can be of any kind: e.g, Lawmage academy, FETH, TOCS. Id really like it if someone could recommend another like this!
3. I didnt really get what happened on the first day you stayed with Kary. If you choose his room, something happens like Kary might do something, and its traumatic to even think about it. But what is it? I can't get it. If someone could tell me what it is, I'd be really grateful. 


This game is dropped so we wont be getting any updates !


It's Ren'py!

Will be on Steam? 


I knew it was going to get dropped. Super disappointing. Waiting for years. Ugh. On to the next I guess.


Art is soooo pretty like please artist give me your skills. The story is really interesting, and the blond one is just my type. Arrogant, beautiful, and hates MC. Just perfect. Hoping he's a top tho I don't want MC to be a top ; ;

Anyways, hope your real-life situation gets better author! Take your time and thank you very much :D


waiting for this game till i turn grey


hello !, i was wondering if you already have a release date??


Hello! We do not have a release date yet, as our current life situation is quite challenging. We'll let everyone know when we do!


Hello. Do you need a Spanish traslater. I've got some exp helping with anothers projects like games or fansubs.

Thank you for your proposition but we haven't planned on a Spanish translation at the moment, only original (French) and English!

Cant wait. Amma go save up for the full vers lolol

Thank you!!

Sorry for the rude question but is the game free or well it have a price if so how much ?

Hi! Your question isn't rude at all! The game will cost around 40 USD when released!


Is the project dead or....?


Hi! The project is not dead, don't worry, though it's heavily delayed due to health issues. We'll tell you all about it in the next newsletter!

Hi there! I seem to be missing 2 pictures from gallery but i choose all of the options in multiple gameplays, is there any way I can get these last 2 that I am unaware about? Thanks in advance!

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Hi! If I remember, you should choose Hyde's room (the left and classic one), to be honest when he shows you the book, and to sit next to him.

Hope I could help you! ^^

PS ; The 1st picture is a "Bonus", which is an old version of the Room's CG.


Thank you for explaining this for me!


Thank you for answering that!


Hi! I recently played the demo and the moving stand-ups make the characters come to life even more. I really like it! I'm curious if you're planning to add voices to the characters? It would complete their characterization. Please forgive me if my question is offensive!

Hi there! Thank you for playing the demo! We're happy you like it!
There is currently no budget for voice actors so it's unlikely so far, but maybe if the game sells well we might be able to do that!
(And do not worry, your question isn't offensive at all!)

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I hope y'all are okay with a cosplay being made of one of the characters, can't get this game out of my mind-


Holy brick, a cosplay?! We are more than okay with that (actually we can't wait to see it!!)


Are you planning to release the game on steam?


They said that it would come to steam.


Thank you for answer :)


Thank you for answering! We've been busy these past months :(

I have now played the entire demo (i did all choices) and i love the game even more then before. How ever it would be nice to get info on how far you are in the games development. If i am asking for too much no need to answer the question.


Hi! We're absolutely thrilled to learn you played the full demo and left no choice behind - and we're sure you're gonna do the same thing with the full game! We've been facing some difficulties lately but we'll soon post a newsletter to keep you guys updated about our current situation. Thank you for taking the time to play the demo and post a comment!

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i played most of the demo and i absolutely loved it. I hope more content comes out soon but i dont mind if it takes a while.


Hi! Glad you loved the demo! The full game might take a while indeed, thank you for your patience! 


I found myself getting really into this game- it's so expansive! From the beautiful and intriguing world, to the gorgeous LIs, to the supporting cast, interesting magic system, and so much more- I really enjoyed the demo! Right after I finished I went to buy the full game only to find out it's not out yet. So I'll be looking forward to the full release when it is ready! Thank you for such an awesome game!

Hi! Thank you so much for your comment! Unfortunately the full game isn't ready yet, due to a lot of health issues, but we're still doing our best to release it sooner or later! Thank you for your interest, comments like yours brighten our days!

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Though the start made my dyslexia become really out of it, it didn't take long for me to become captivated. I will look forward to the game's completion.

Why must the most interesting and well-written visual novels of this Medieval magic-based nature be a demo when I discover them?

Hi there! Sorry for the delay, we've been facing a lot of things these last months... We're happy you liked the demo and hope you'll like the full game even more! Thank you for your kind comment!


I just played this game recently and I must say it's really well done! I can't wait till the full version gets released, but I've read some of the updates so it might not come soon. I wish you the best of luck with this project! And thank you for making such a beautiful visual novel <3


Hi! Sorry for the delay, there have been some issues lately, which we'll talk about in an upcoming newsletter. Thank you for your comment! We're happy to know you liked the demo and we're doing our best to make some progress on the scenario, against all odds it seems!


I played this a while back and decided to come back and play this again! Ah, I'm still in love with this, the art, the story <3 I absolutely love it. I still haven't forgotten it after all this time! Still awaiting the full version but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your game! Wish you the best in completing it!


Hi! You have no idea how happy your comment made us! We are glad you liked the demo to the point of coming back to it! Thank you for your enthusiasm and kind words! We hope you'll like the full game as much (and even more)!
Thank you again for taking the time to let us know how you feel about the game!

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Just played through the demo and oh man, I am HOOKED. The art is gorgeous, I love all of the boys already (replay value babyyyyyy), the setting's really interesting so far, I went away humming the BG music and just... yeah, the whole package, loved it!

Really looking forward to release day when it comes!


Hi! We're very happy to learn you liked the demo that much! We can't wait until you can play the full game and discover all the boys' stories and much more!
Thank you for you enthusiasm!


Hello, VSN won't be on Linux? 


Hi, it will be released on Linux as well!

Glad to know, thank you for answering!

You're welcome! Feel free if you have any other question! 


Thanks for sharing this with us.  I have to agree with many of the others in that the art is amazing, well except for the "ugly" thing lol.  That was uhm delightfully pathetic ; )  Will be adding this to the very long list of VNs Im waitting to be finished some day.

If only magic were real and i could close my eyes for a moment and Will all these delightful stories into fruition.  Alas, like everyone else I must simply wait.  Atleast you have dev logs and keep your fans informed as to whats going on.  Some stories Im waitting on have long passed their release date, and not even updated their websites (sigh.)  All good things to he who waits right?

Anyways best wishes to all of you, and yes I will definitely be picking this up when your able to finish it!

My Gosh, thank you for such a long appreciation! We hope you'll enjoy the released game as much!

We try to keep our community informed at least once a month mostly because we've had some health problems within the team and with such supportive followers, we wanted everyone to know we were still doing our best to keep the project going! 

Thank you for your kind words and don't worry we'll keep everyone updated on the progress! 

No android?

Hi! Unfortunately, VSN won't be on android, only on PC and Mac


Of course! You're welcome!

Are all 5 routes romance routes? I can only guess since it shows 5 males on the banner art and there is 5 routes? If this isnt answerable thats okay! Loved the demo!!


Yes, all 5 routes will be romance routes but you'll only be able to start with 3 routes before a DLC with the last 2 routes will come out! 
We're glad you liked it so far! 

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A paid(?) DLC for a 40 $ visual novel ? I would think all routes & content would be available for a pricy VN. Sorry if I'm too blunt. 

I misunderstood, the DLC will be free*

Hi, there's a misunderstanding here! The DLC will be free, it will just come out later! If you buy the game when it's released, you'll have only the first three routes, then we'll add the last two routes. Since we wanted our public not to wait too long before playing, that's how we decided to go, so you'll have something to play while we finish the other routes!
You can also wait for all the routes to be released to buy the game, it's up to you! 

Oh, thank you for clarifying that!  I misunderstood your comment and got surprised, my mistake.

So i'll probably buy your game when on sale, whatever all routes are released or not. Especially since it will be available on Linux. Good luck to you. 

That's okay, since English isn't our first language sometimes explaining things in a clear way isn't that easy! 

We're glad you intend to buy the game, and hope you'll like it! 
Thank you for your support !


Thank you! 


This is fantastic! Oh my lorddd I played the demo and I'm inlove with everything, the artstyle is beautiful and the text looks so aesthetic! I will definitely play this when it comes out.

also, will it be available to buy in pound sterling? (british currency) 

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Hi! Thank you for your kind comment! We're happy to know you liked the demo so much! 

The full game should be available in pound sterlings, we are pricing in euros but the conversion is made with the payment, you don't have to worry about that!  

Thank you again for your interest and we hope you'll like the full version as much! 


my friends and i recently discovered this game and when i say we immediately got hooked , WE DID. We've been talking about this game non-stop for a couple days now and gosh even though its just a demo everything looks so amazing from the script to the art and cgs, its so beautoful. We're all really excited for the full games release ! Keep up the good work and hope development goes smoothly !!

Oh lord, we're so happy to read that ! Thank you for your kind, enthusiastic comment! We're so glad it left such a big impression so that you're talking about it with your friends ! We hope you'll like the full version and thank you for your support!


Massive hype for full game cant wait! I played the demo a year or two back and fell in love and decided to revisit it and im so happy I did!

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it to the point of coming back here! We hope you'll like the full game as much when it's released!

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I just finished playing it and I'm so excited for the full game to come out! I love the characters, soundtrack, and everything about it! btw I'm very sorry for the situation you are in right now but I hope it gets way better! thank you for this great demo!

Hi! We're glad to know you liked everything about the demo! Thank you for your review, and for your concern about our scenarist. We'll be back soon with news about her health and about the game itself! 


Played the demo a few days ago and I loved it! The art is beautiful and the plot seems interesting, can´t wait for the full release. I read the last devlog and don´t really know the full extent of the situation but I hope that everyones health gets better. Take care and when the game releases i´ll buy it no doubt! 

PS: the text is a tiny bit difficult to read, if you can make it slightly bigger it would be great!

Hi, thank you very much for your comment! We are really happy you like our demo so far, we are eager to show more but the situation is a bit tricky for now, hopefully it will get better soon! We are praying. 

We have taken your PS in consideration! 

demo looks amazing! how much will it cost in USD when finished

It seems your comment slipped past my vigilance, I'm sorry for that!
Game will cost around 40 USD when released! 
Glad you liked the demo! 

It great, I just wish the text size could be bigger, though. I'm looking forward to it!

We're happy you liked the demo! We have taken your review in consideration :) 


love this game so much that i just. can't express it with words. the art is astonishing, the world is so interesting - honestly, the type of mages/magic, the creatures, it all is so well done that the game, definitely, became one of my favorite games ever. -, oh, and don't even let me get started about the characters. they are not only pretty, but their personality is charming - to the point where you can't help but want to know more about every single one of them. even the side characters, who seems like they have little importance, are crucial to the story ( at least in my point of view ). the option to turn off the sensitive content + turn on the dyslexic font was v. innovating and greatly helped me.

i am so hyped to the release! congratulations, you are doing an amazing job. <3 

i hope you are all doing well, and take care. ^^ ( and, once again, congrats for making such an incredible game. )

Thank you very much for your lenghty comment! It made us very happy! We are really caring about all our characters; even side charas, so it's great to see that you could grasp that feel even in the demo! 

We are eager to show more! 


I'm still so in love with this game. It's honestly one of the best and the art is so beautiful. I keep coming back to it even though I first played the demo what seems like years ago. I would sacrifice my own sister to play this game if you asked me to. 😂❤❤

Hi! Thank you very much, we're really happy that you still like the game that much!

Je voulais aussi vous demander si le jeux serais disponible sur android ? 

Ce n'est pour le moment pas prévu ! 

J'ai découvert ce jeux il y à maintenant 1 ans avec la vidéo de Tiboudouboudou et j'en suis immédiatement tombé amoureuse, j'ai vraiment hâte de pouvoir y jouer, courages à vous car votre jeux est incroyable❤❤

Bonjour ! Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire encourageant ! On a hâte de pouvoir vous en montrer plus !


I'm a fellow game developer myself. I was wondering if I could DM you guys on Discord. Your indie VN is the best out of all the ones that I've played and I wanted to know how you guys programmed the journal plus a few other things.

Kind regards,


Hi Noor,

You can contact Nyanshua on Discord, you can find her on the VSN server!

This game is the best game I ever played!But I have only a question:will the game be available in CNY?

Thank you very much! The game will be in €, but the buying it in another currency will still be possible as it will handle conversion! 


Motherfucker, this is why I hate demos. I was enjoying this one and poof, it's over. Fuck. Good game so far. 

Thank you very much and sorry for the frustration, we are very glad you liked the demo and we are looking forward showing more! 

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