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« Magic is a gift, given to only a few chosen ones in the world. Be it the heir of a rich family or the offspring of the least good for nothing, every son able to use magic is promised to a great future. If he's prone to use his gift for the kingdom, his name will be known in Arcan's History, bringing honor and glory even to his first ancestors. »

After hearing these quite sententious words, Rave left his comfortable town to become a great Mage. New to the Academy, which exists to teach the magic elite, the young man came to learn, to become « someone », to make his family proud. Improving himself and avoiding being scolded by his teachers should have been his only concerns for the next three years. Should have. Unluckily, Rave happens to be in a bad place, at the worst time.

From the student sleeping in the bed next to his to the guard watching over him, everyone is tense in the school. Something is coming, something that will most likely change their whole world, and everyone has a part to play.

Rave will have to discover what's going on, choose who to side with... and who to stand against.

  • The demo is ~36k words
  • 15 backgrounds and 9 CGs 

About full game, it will be much longer.

  • At least 500k words
  • Full game will have 5 routes
  • Multiple endings (5 bad, 5 neutral, 5 good and a true ending)
  • 120+ CGs
  • 40+ unique backgrounds
  • A Journal updated with the main character's knowledge

When the game will be released? 

We were planning a 2020 release of the first three routes. Unfortunately, a lot of health issues affected our team members during this year and a half of developpement, which greatly affected our workflow and deadlines. 

As result, the game release's date is postponed until we have a clear vision of what's ahead for us in the future. Once we'll get a better workflow, we will reveal the new release date! 

Thank you for bearing with us, your understanding and patience!

Are you crowdfunding your game? 

The Kickstarter took place on July 1st to July 31st 2019 and was successful! Thank you very much everyone! 

What is the game's rating? 

The game is rated R-16 for violence and gore. There will be a R-18 optional free patch as well. 

Which languages your game is available? 

We have French and English languages available. Our demo's translator is a close friend which is not a native English speaker, so the demo may have mistakes we could not see as 100% French team. We have recruited a professional translator for the full game! 

Project Lead, Developer: Nyanshua 

Scriptwriter, Narrative Designer: SallyNyan 

CG arts, Backgrounds, Sprites and GUI: Wanini

Demo's French proofreading and English translation: Styria

Demo's English proofreading: Ariachiba

Sountracks: STARRYSKY

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorMesange Arts
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, bl, bl-game, Fantasy, Gay, LGBT, Meaningful Choices, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


ValentyneStoriesNecromancy-0.1.60-1-mac.zip 427 MB
ValentyneStoriesNecromancy-0.1.60-1-pc.zip 444 MB
April Fool Demo PC 664 MB
April Fool Demo MAC 646 MB
April Fool Demo LINUX 654 MB

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Bonjour est ce que le jeux est en français 

Bonsoir, oui il est disponible en français !

The game looks so good! But i'm a little disappointed that I'm not able to access the demo. i tried the zip, and it didn't work. Same as with the install button, but it looks amazing! Hope i can play it soon...

Thank you ! It's weird, have you extracted the files on your desktop? You should just drag and drop it and you can play it without installing it. 

The itch.io platform is buggy with our game for now (we are working on correcting it), so you have to download on the website version!

Alright, I'll try that! Thank you.

It doesn't seem to work, perhaps it's just not compatible with windows 10?

(1 edit)

Weird, we work on Windows 10 so it should be compatible. Could you show us a screencap of what it shows for you? 



Wonder if it will be released on Steam too?


Hi! Yes, we plan to release it on Steam as well! (the Steam page is still in work)


will you have to pay for this game when it is fully released?
and wonderful game! I love the demo so muc



And thank you very much, we are glad you liked the demo!

Cela fait longtemps que je n'ai pas jouée à ce genre de jeux et je dois dire que j'ai été agréablement surprise! Je n'avais pas été interessée par BL depuis un moment. Merci beaucoup, les graphismes sont à couper le souffle et l'histoire nous prends aux tripes dès le début.
Le personnage principal est différent des autres qu'on peut voir. Hâte de voir le jeu final, je vais suivre ce jeu !

On est ravies que le jeu t'aie plu et qu'il t'intéresses à ce point ! En espérant que tu aimeras autant le jeu final que la démo :)


I really like this game and look forward to see more it! :D

Thank you very much!

красивые арты


this is still being worked on right? and will there be nsfw content?


Yes, we are still developping the game! We just have some unfortunate things happening so the developpement is slowing down a bit (refer to this news for more information: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vs-necromancy/valentyne-stories-necromancy-...) TDLR: one of our team member is at the hospital.

And there will be sex scenes, in an optional free patch form!

(1 edit)

Ah i see , I hope Sally Gets better !! Her health is important !! I understand if it might be released at the end of the year or longer <3!


¿Piensas algún día poner también la traducción en español? Tengo muchas ganas de jugarlo, pero no entiendo el inglés o el francés...


Thank you for your comment! We don't plan to make a spanish translation for now! Though we don't know what the future will reserve us ! :)

I love the game so far. The characters are definitely appealing. The player power balance seem to be well done. Not some overpowered Rey Palpatine but still a respectable potential. Eager to see more of the game. 

Thank you very much for your review, we're very glad you liked the demo! 


When is Valentyne going to be updated with all new content? I see multiple posts on Twitter of new content and information for a while now, but nothing on here.


Hi Andrew! 

The new content we show on our social medias is intended for the final game! 

(1 edit)

A very good game with beautiful graphics and artworks, and an interesting story! I was expecting to play it in English, but it was a pleasant surprise to discover it available in French :-)
The interface is very easy to use and, I repeat, the graphics are really nice.
I just thought I'd play for a few minutes to see what to expect, but I found myself immersed in the story and quickly became attached to the main character Rave (translation, I spent a few hours there ahaha).

Very nice discovery that I highly recommend.

I'll follow your next projects with attention, good continuation!


Un très bon jeu aux graphismes magnifiques et à l'histoire intéressante ! Moi qui m'attendais à y jouer en anglais, ce fut une agréable surprise de le découvrir disponible en français :-)
L'interface est très facile d'utilisation et, je le redis, les graphismes sont vraiment beaux.
Moi qui pensais juste jouer quelques minutes pour voir à quoi m'attendre, je me suis retrouvée plongée dans l'histoire et me suis vite attachée à Rave, le personnage principal (traduction, j'y ai passé quelques heures ahaha).

Très belle découverte, je suivrai vos prochains projets avec attention !

Merci beaucoup pour ta review! On est ravies que la démo te plaise et espérons que la suite du jeu te plaira :) 



The game is only available in English and French!

I understand it, but are you going to translate it into Spanish? I am sure that in Latin America many would play it, since not everyone knows English, for example I am using a translator, how sad is it? I would love to be able to play it someday in Spanish so I hope so: 3

Thank you for your input! For now only those 2 languages are planned (French being the original script and English the translation). Localisation is quite expensive, so we'll see for other languages later! 


If they translated it by the Spanish translator, I would review it and see that it was misspelled uwu, but I don't think they want to accept someone strange in their group and since I only speak Spanish, well ... It's a good idea, no, I would. free :3

Oh noooo, it won't let me play it again! I uninstalled and tried to re-install it and now I can't!! My life is over!! It's been 11 months since the last time I played the demo. I'm so sad.

What is happening when you try to open the game? 

It won't let me even download it. I plan to try again as soon as I get home. I loved playing the demo before but it was so long ago, I want to play it again! 

Can you show us a screen of what happens when you try to download the game? We know that if you try to install by using the itch platform the download/game installing isn't working yet, so if it's the case, can you try to open it on a regular browser and manual download it and extract the folder on your desktop? It should work this way! 

For some reason, it won't let me select anything in the install box, it just shows me a small empty box. I tried it on my sister's laptop that I just had to factory reset and redownload the app and it still doesn't work. When I click Install, I get this error message now (which sounds like a coding error, but I'm not well versed in coding at all. The only knowledge I have of that is just from the basic class I completed for University last week):

I'll try the way you suggested and hopefully that works!

Looks gorgeous and promising so far, but there's an important question (for me at least) - will it be released on Steam?

Thank you very much! Yes, we plan to put the game on Steam :) 

That's a wonderful news! Thanks for the reply  and good luck :)

Deleted 7 days ago

Thank you very much, we are very glad you liked the demo! 


J'ai regardé un lets play de votre démo est c'est trés prométeuse, mais je ne l'ai pas testé vu que je suis sur portable celà j'ai vu que vous comptiez mettre le jeu à 40 euros  à sa sortie si je peux me permettre pour un visual novel celà me semble un peu chère

(1 edit)

Bonjour ! 

Ravies que ce que montrait le let's play t'aie plu !  Nous ne comptons toutefois pas le développer sur téléphone, aussi si tu n'as pas accès à un ordinateur, il te sera malheureusement impossible d'y jouer ! 

Bonne journée !

Ce jeux est vraiment bien !

Mais comment on fais pour telechargé le patch +18 ?

Merci !

(1 edit)

Bonjour !

Merci beaucoup, nous sommes ravies que la démo te plaise !
Le patch R18 n'est pas encore sorti, il est prévu en même temps que les trois premières routes, fin 2020 ! 

Bonne journée !

(1 edit)

Ahhh this is so good! The art style is really pleasing to the eye, the characters are interesting (albeit a tad bit predictable), and the mouths move according to the dialogue which I presume means there's voice acting or will be, but I didn't play with audio so I don't know... I thought the "only a few students per year apply so there's only 3 other people your age" thing was a weird cop-out, but I understand why the devs did it. 10/10, would play again.


Hi renei! Thank you for your comment! We are glad you liked the demo! 

For the mouths, there is no voice acting planned for now, they were just done for esthetic purposes!

hello i really love the demo so fun cant wait for the full game to be released but, will the game cost money to redownload  when its finished?

Thank you very much, we're glad you liked the demo! 

The game will indeed cost money at its release.

Bonjour, le jeu final sera sous quelle forme ? Téléchargement, CD etc... ? 

Bonjour ! 

Le jeu sera disponible sous forme de téléchargement à sa sortie !

i think the maker of this game should make a platform that is compatable android and ios 

Hi, thank you for your comment! 

Unfortunately we do not have plans to port the game on android / ios. 

This game is fantastic :0 Do you have an estimate on the price of the finished game?

Hi! Thank you very much! The game's price will be 40€ excluding taxes! 

(1 edit)

this is one the best games i've come across on here so far lmao I'm really excited to see the full game :) the storyline is well written and the quality is very nice. good job !!

Thank you very much! We're really happy you liked the demo! 

I cant seem to  be able to download this since there's no files attached... please teach me what to do


Hi MysticCrystal! Have you tried re-downloading the game? Maybe there was an error in your download? 

i have tried many times but the results are the same

Sure it's weird... Maybe your antivirus software deletes the file / blocks it, we know it happened before. Try to check the files in quarantine, it may be the issue? 

Or else could you attach a screenshot of what it did at the download's completion?

It keeps saying open page instead of download

The same thing keeps happening to me too?

We're really sorry for the late answer! It seems like it is on the Itch.io application! If you download the game in the itch.io  web version you should get it fine. We'll get to work on the Itch.io application.


I'm very exited fur the full game the demo had promising and beautiful story flow, and the characters were fun. It was such beautiful demo and I look forward to getting to play the full game. 

Thank you very much, we're really happy the demo pleased you! 


Salut! CE jeu est d'une qualité rare tant au niveau scénaristique que visuel. Les choix intelligent, bien placé. Les personnages attachants, un peu stéréotypes mais pas trop, juste de quoi vouloir explorer toutes les pistes. J'ai adoré! 

Hâte de voir la suite! 

Bon courage! Et bonne année :)

Bonsoir ! Merci pour ce gentil commentaire, on est ravies que tu aies apprécié la démo ! Et bonne année à toi aussi !

Will this game have explicit content? If so, is it censored?


Hi! Yes, it will have a R-18 free optional patch with explicit content. We are not certain for now if it will be censored or uncensored though!  


Oh, I hope the game is uncensored! This game looks so beautiful and high quality, it would be so sad to see it censored.

And honestly, I usually watch streams or youtube walkthroughs of censored/non-explicit VNs (like Dramatical Murder). The ones I end up buying are the ones that show the "good stuff" (like Camp Buddy, Chess of Blades, Seiyuu Danshi, My Burning Heart) lol.


i really really liked the demo, the art is just beautiful, and i love how different the story is. i was expecting our MC to suddenly cast a perfect spell as it would've happen in many many other stories like that, but i was very pleasantly surprised that it the opposite happened! 

also, the game mechanics with choosing different roommates and tutors seems to be very fun and a great way to make replaying interesting! though hyde definitely is at my number one spot at the moment haha

can't wait for the finished game, good luck guys!


Hi amoreduh! Thank you very much for your review, we're really happy you liked the demo! 


I LOVE this game! Good job honestly and I hope that (if you do make new games) your other games will be as great as this one and even better! I also wanted to ask if the full game is going to be free?

Hi! Thank you very much, we are really happy you liked the demo! We're hoping to make more games after finishing this one! 

The full game will not be available for free. 


I was so immersed into the demo when it ended I was yelling out "WHAT?!" it went by so quick. It was amazing I love the characters and I love their personalities it made me laugh a few times. I can't wait to play the full release certainly won my money. The art is beautiful I LOVE LOVE the designs I can't wait. :DD

Also the moment I had to choose between the three of them I sat there arguing with myself on who to choose for a whole 2 minutes XD 

We're really happy you liked the demo! We hope you will enjoy the full release as well :) 

Can't wait :D


J'ai refais récemment la démo et j'adore toujours autant ! Les personnages sont attachants et et leurs relations sont génials, j'adore le petit côté salé de piques !
Je n'ai jamais joué à un VN yaoi, ce n'est pas vraiment ce qui me fait vibrer mais suivant Sallynyan sur fb, j'ai tenté l'aventure !
Et je ne suis clairement pas déçue (j'ai même participé au kickstarter, c'est vous dire !), j'attends la sortie avec impatience !
J'ai aussi été ravie de voir que le jeu est fait avec Ren'py, ce qui m'a carrément motivée et inspirée pour tenter l'aventure de la création de VN!!!

Merci pour cette super démo et bon courage/amusez-vous bien avec ce jeu !!! :D

Merci beaucoup ! On est ravies que la démo t'aie plu ! Et encore merci d'avoir pledge sur Kickstarter !


Je viens juste de finir la démo et j'ai adoré ! Les personnages ainsi que l'histoire sont pour le moins intriguants et j'ai vraiment hâte de connaitre la suite ! En plus, les dessins sont superbes alors que demander de plus ? Bon, il ne me reste plus qu'à patienter... Je vous souhaite bonne chance dans la suite du développement ~ ! ^^


Bonjour ! Nous sommes ravies de voir que tu aie apprécié la démo, et merci beaucoup pour ce gentil commentaire ! 

On fait de notre mieux pour le développement du jeu! 


I love the art style and the story is quite interesting. I'm really looking forward to the full release!
Would it be possible for the dialogue to be in a larger font size? The text was pretty hard on my eyes to read ^^' 


Hi! Thank you very much, we're happy you liked the demo! 

We will take your remark in account! 


I'm sooooo excited for the full release of this game. The art is freaking fantastic and I'm really digging the storyline!

Thank you very much! We're really happy you liked the demo! 


It downloads for me as a zip, and i unzip it. but how do i start/open the demo?

You just have to open the game folder and execute the .exe file! 

is this gay love?

Hi! Yes, it is!


This game looks amazing so far! The graphics are stunning, and I really enjoy all the characters ^^ (excepts from the guards... lol) Good luck on the game! I'd love to play the full version ^w^


Thank you very much for your support! We're doing great on the development! 

No problem.  That's awesome! ^^

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)

Hi !

I played the demo (though I should stop, some are too great and are going to kill me since I need full games that are as interesting...) and I obviously loved it.

At first I thought the art style wouldn't work for me (I might have been used to art that don't look as good, I dunno, and maybe it looked too detailed on the phone) but I was blown away when I actually saw them on my computer screen (no exaggeration, I really loved it, characters and background really do look good).

I think the only problem I had is with the teacher because of his profile that looks completely different (but I understand, profiles are quite hard and annoying too)

I enjoyed the characters, too. In particular Renan and Hyde (because of personal tastes but well, Renan is particularly funny and Hyde isn't just the quiet guy that won't talk to you. I guess Kary is interesting too, just less my type, but at least I know I can consider his route without problem)

And obviously the world an magic are just too interesting. It feels really nice, and I hope its good development isn't just in my head x) Because it really is interesting and I like how it's going. Too bad the demo didn't end in a really exciting way for me, though I still hope to see the full game.

And I forgot at first but I like Rave's personality, he's not just nice, he can be agressive and everything, which felt... surprising in some cases x) but otherwise it's nice.

One question: Will there be an hint system ?

Best of luck for the development of the game !

Hi! Thank you very much for your detailed review! We're happy you liked the art and the world building! 

About your question, there will not be a hint system! But character's reaction are usually enough to see if they're pleased or not with your choice :) 

And thank you very much! We're doing our best doing the rest of the game! 

normalement en bas il devrai y avoir un lien pour télécharger le jeu mais je ne l'ai pas comment je fais ?

Bonjour, vous pouvez télécharger la démo pour PC ou MAC sur ce site, juste au dessus de la partie commentaires !  

j'ai deja esseiler mais quand je l'ouvre dans mes fichier sa me met dans les fichier du jeu 

Il suffit juste de lancer le fichier .exe dans le dossier extrait pour lancer le jeu !

oui mais quand je fais sa sa me met un message comme quoi sela peut etre dangereux 

j'ai enfin réusis je vais pouvoir y jouer j'ai trop hate !

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