End of the journey

Hello everyone! As we said, we've been busy with other things these last few months, so it's taken us a while to give some news. Let's cut to the chase right away: it won't be good. We have decided to stop producing Valentyne Stories Necromancy professionally.

After all our troubles, whether it was bad luck or bad choices, it became difficult for the team to continue a project of such magnitude while having a company. It costs us money every month, and without the Tipers we would be in debt right now. Fatally thinking about Valentyne Stories Necromancy gives us a great sense of unease, and it's impossible for us to deliver the game under these conditions. We have lost the flame and our passion to this enterprise, we prefer to stop it before it consumes us.

This does not mean that the game will never be released. We're just going to take it on as amateurs, at our own pace, without having to give updates. If it comes out, it will be free. If it doesn't come out, well, too bad, because Rave's adventures weren't worth telling. At the moment we are tired and want to take a step back, or focus on personal projects, whether it be healing or professional development elsewhere.

We are sorry that we could not keep our promise to finish the project. We know that this news will disappoint (it also disappoints us), but we really don't have the courage to continue.

Let's talk about the financial aspect now:

We didn't go with your contributions to the Bahamas. We spent part of it on the game and the other part was used to pay expenses, taxes and corporate tax. You can see the expenses of the game in more detail with this list (not exhaustive):

- Taxes / VAT: ~ 23500€

- Kickstarter fees: 5000€.

- Music: 10000€

- Translation: 4000€.

- Proofreading: 1000€.

- Goodies for the counterparts or for conventions: ~ 10000€.

- Fixed costs (accountant + website and others + lawyer fees + materials): ~ 10000€.

In addition to Kickstarter, we have received Tipeee donations totalling 14452€ over the 3 years and 2740€ from the online shop.

However, we will not leave you without a reward. You will have the possibility to ask for a refund or not, or to receive the goodies already produced by filling this form:

If you have pledged to the VSN Kickstarter, we invite you to check this news: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vs-necromancy/valentyne-stories-necromancy-...

We can't keep the business open indefinitely, so we'll let you have this option for one month from today. After this date, we will liquidate the company and therefore it will not be possible to claim a refund after this time.

We don't have much money, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone.

Thank you all for supporting us so far. We also thank all the people who have collaborated with us on this project. Thanks to all of you we still have good memories of this experience. It is a pity that there are not more of them.

We are still sorry for this bad news and we hope you will understand this situation.

It is with a heavy heart that we leave you. See you on itch.io for the next news, if there is any news!

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Just a suggestion, why not giving us the game like a monthly update? Just like some other VNs out there, they dont release it full right away, instead they release the stories chapter by chapter. 1 chapter per month or 2. Sometimes they will only release half of a chapter per month.  That would be great. But if ever the game comes out full, I know that this is worth the wait. Just take your time and good luck!

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Thank you for the suggestion. Monthly updates still needs great coordination, and we might be unable do to in our state that due to our staff's health (and willing to step back from the project). 

Thank you very much for your support! 


yeah but it doesnt required a lot of time since you will just working on 1 chapter at a time. And it doesnt have to be monthly, 2 months is also good. There are alot of VNs out there updates like 2-3 months at a time and the developers gives monthly update regarding on how the project is, does the script done, what's new in the vn and other stuff. But if you think it is still doesnt workout. Thats fine too. 😊 Just take your time! And i'll still wait for the release.  And damn the story has a big potential too, and has a great storylines, i got hooked immediately when i just started. Well thats it for now. Thank you for taking your time reading my suggestion😊

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Maintenant que j'ai fini de patauger dans le déni (c'est faux), je viens à mon tour écrire un petit mot... D'abord, je ne vais pas vous cacher que la nouvelle m'a beaucoup affecté.e mais j'imagine que ça doit être encore plus douloureux pour vous de devoir mettre une croix sur un projet qui vous tient à cœur. 

Même si l'avenir du jeu reste incertain, vous pouvez être fières d'avoir créé une communauté aussi chouette. Votre univers est tellement inspirant que de nombreuses personnes ont créé du contenu dessus et ça, ça n'a pas de prix. Merci pour tous ces beaux souvenirs et ces délires.

À vos prochains succès, bisous. 😘

Merci beaucoup pour vos mots. Ca nous fait chaud au cœur. 

Merci encore pour votre soutien !


Well, it would be a lie to say I'm surprised by this. I figured this game would never be finished when the logs started to pile up basically saying the same thing "we're trying our best but [bad thing] happened". It's good to see that you are honest towards people who gave their money to this game. Truly a shame that happened, the demo was fantastic. I hope to hear from you again if you ever decide to start another, less ambitious project.

Thank you for the notice and for trying your best.

Hm, we think that it was visible from the last news. This is at least what we can do for people who supported us! 

Have a very nice day, and thank you for your kind words DeafShrimp!  


Hey, things happen! If nothing else, I can say with 100% certainty that this demo inspired many people to start writing visual novels. Myself included. I probably wouldn't have gotten into developing or writing if I never found this game. Hell, this game even pushed me to do cosplay as well. 

I do hope that this game eventually finds a resolution, no matter how many years or decades it shall take. But until then, please take care of yourselves. 

I know all too well what it's like to push yourself to far that you just don't wanna continue anymore.


Aaw VertexVulpes that's very kind of you. We're glad that our demo could inspire you to get into your passions. 

We are doing our best at taking care of ourselves for now. And please, take care of yourself as well, burnout / losing flame is something we wouldn't wish for you. 

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Thank you for the notice. I hope this does not discourage the team from progressing/taking on any current/future projects. Know that you will always have my support! I think with every loop that was thrown in your direction the right decisions have been made. Best wishes!

Thank you Animalsys! We are all taking our own path, but who knows what's ahead us in the future. Best wishes for you as well! 


I really appreciate you guys for trying so hard even though you all were going through your own things. To be fair, I sort of saw this coming, and I think it would be more beneficial for you all if you'd just take a step back, so I'm glad you did. The demo is absolutely amazing and it's like a memory that reminds us of the fact that you definitely tried.

Thank you very much! We really tried, and we're glad our efforts were visible. Stepping back will be a huge relief for us, and hopefully our wounds will recover in the future. 


Tis a shame. It was one of the few decent ones around. Understandable though. Hope things settle in the real world.

Thank you very much! Hoping the IRL things will be kinder to us. 


I'm really sorry to hear this, but I understand Real Life doesnt always take us to the places we wanted to go.  If its alright, I think I'll keep what you have released on my computer for now.  Honestly I felt a spark of something special with this VN, that most (even finished / completed projects) never have.  I cant really put my finger on it, other than some how the story called to me long after I read through it the first time.  It was like something waiting in the back of my mind.  A dream waiting to be remembered.... a whisper that beckoned but was too soft to be understood.

I wish everyone who has been involved in this project, brighter days and easier roads.  And I'll hold on to this CouldHaveBeen until its ready to let me go =)


Yeah, we didn't want to be part of the projects that never come to life, but anyway that's a thing now and we are really disappointed. Things kept piling up until it was unbearable.

 Anywyay, thank you very much for your kind words, we poured our love and passion when we were working on it and things were still ok! If you felt "that spark"... that's a super huge compliment for us. 

Wish you a very good day / night! 


I wish all of you the best, and to take your time. Make sure to rest often, eat well, and hydrate often. And once again I hope you all have a great day and peaceful future.

Thank you Sleepy, we hope that the future will be kinder to us! 


I wish you all the very best in the future! Much love from me and everyone else who has fond memories of Valentyne ♡♡♡

Thank you very much for your kind words Ha Neul! 


still love u girls <3

Thank you Ashuka

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Crying my eyes out, but i did figure this was going to happen. Thank you for actually telling us and not being like so many of the creators out there who just disappear. It was really fun while it lasted. For now it’s sad but I hope to meet again and hope you guys can heal/find peace after this.

Thank you for your kind words Snowflakea. You all deserve to know what's happening. Have a very nice day / night! 


Ah this is very saddening to read, I was so looking forward to this VN! However it is understandable and I thank the team for being openly honest instead of vanishing. I was a kickstarter backer but I'll leave it. I wish you all luck going forward and I hope after everyone has refreshed that the game may still be able to move forward. :) Again, thank you for not just vanishing.

Thank you very much for your understanding liahades! It is also heartbreaking for us, but you all deserve to be aware of the situation. We hope that our feelings will get better over time.