Devlog 05

We hope you are all safe and healthy!   

This Devlog will mostly concern Kickstarter's backers goodies, but there is an update about one of the major team members in, so we thought it would be best to share it on as well!

First, Happy (late) new year! We are wishing everyone the best! Please have 2 pictures drew by the team members to celebrate holidays! 

We hope you like these pictures of our favorite students! 

And now, we are continuing this news with Sally’s health update! And this time, with good news!! The last surgery went well, with a little complication that was taken care of. We can finally take a breather: her life is not threatened anymore, and all that was at risk was already carried out, we only have to wait for everything to return in order! The last convalescence is still complicated to manage (constant care, a lot of pills to take) we cannot predict when the game’s production will resume, but we are seeing the end of the line!   

Thanks everyone for your support during this difficult time, we are eager to leave all these problems behind!   

Goodies Kickstarter

We received most of the goodies of the 150+ pledges!   

The Stationery set

(Sally forgot to take the notebook with her, we will share its photo later!)

The Dakimakura:

They are all personalized, with the 2 characters you ordered!

We are still waiting for the hoodies, which will arrive soon!   

Finally, we would like to specify that the lateness of this news is due to Sally’s surgery, and waiting for the results. We wanted to be sure that everything went well before communicating something. All the complications we encountered during this damn disease made us suspicious - we were really jinxed - so we preferred to wait rather than having to do an emergency update "wait, actually there is a problem"!  

Thanks again for your patience, and see you soon!

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Hello! Sorry if you might already have explained this, but is there any way to just buy the merch on their own? Or are they only available through pledging on the KickStarter?? ^^

The Dakimakura was up to preorder (unfortunately closed), so there is no way to get these merch anymore for now (the stationery set was Kickstarter limited). We do have other merchs, but our store is currently closed. If it reopens, we will notice you though a devlog / social medias! 

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May Sally recover swiftly & have a full & rewarding life! Waiting patiently for continued work on this awesome project...   

That's really good news ! Thanks for telling us, and I hope Sally will get better.

Thank you! We wish her a very well recovery!