Devlog 13

Hello everyone!

We have left you without any news for a while, and we thank you for your patience!

We would like to ease your mind right away: no, the game is absolutely not cancelled. The development was put on hold due to a rushed move, because of two almost consecutive assaults that we suffered just down the street. The area had already shown us that some neighbors had a racist and sexist attitude, concluding with three assaults for four people in a period of only two years. Living in this apartment had become unbearable.

We realized that we weren't happy, and the assaults convinced us that we had to leave. By the way, if this ever happens to anyone else, we don't recommend moving out at the end of the year, we tried it, and it was very stressful.

Regarding Sally's health, the team wanted to give her time to be ready to talk about it, and that time is now. After three weeks on morphine, she became dependent and has been drinking alcohol to get the feeling of morphine back. She has been under treatment for 3 months now to try to stop, and a hospital admission is being discussed with her doctor and psychiatrist. She wrote a short message on the subject: 

"I am so sorry I fell into this, and I am doing everything in my power to get better. I am being helped by everyone, family and friends, whom I thank with all my heart. I hope I won't disappoint you too much. It took me a very long time to be able to talk about this, and I'm glad I have a community to talk to about such serious things. Thank you all again." 

Valentyne Stories is a project we all love, and we'll only stop when we reach all our development goals ! However, with everything said, the year of development where we could devote ourselves is long gone. If you follow Wanini and Nyanshua on their social medias, you've seen that they've resumed to freelance, and Styria plans to look for a job meanwhile too. Sally has to heal, so we can't be 100% on the game anymore. It's a miracle we were able to move with the few resources we had. 

This is why we cannot give you a release date, and it's possible that the project will still take us some time (yes, with jobs on the side it will be longer). Moreover, the frequency of news publication could be impacted for the same reasons.

Also, we wanted to thank our Tippers who have allowed us to keep the business going. You allow us to pay our expenses and additional projects for VSN, projects we could not afford without you. You can't imagine the stress you save us. By the way, we hope you like the next illustration! We're going to mark the occasion for Valentine's Day! 

Thanks again and we hope this news will help you understand the current situation. We needed to reflect on this disastrous development start, and we've come up with some solutions that will slow us down, sure, but will put less pressure on our shoulders. They say that money doesn't make happiness, but we don't believe it anymore! 

See you soon!

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I've been thinking about you guys a lot recently so I decided to write this message even though it's quite a late reply... I was horrified to see how much bad luck you have all gone through.  It's true that in the beginning I subscribed because I wanted to know more about the game development, but I feel like I am more into just hearing about how you guys are doing now more than anything else. I really wish to just cheer you on as a team so each update that you give is very much appreciated. Hope everything works out for you guys! Also I hope that Sally feels better soon. It was a very brave of her to share that message with us given how personal it was. I feel bad for her feeling guilty... Cause even though I don't know the full situation I don't think it was her fault. Like many other people in the comment section already said.. Morphine is highly addictive... I was glad to hear that she's recieving support and help though :) I am sending over lots of love and support for you all <3


Hi Sica!

Sorry for the late reply, your comment passed through like a ninja.

Thank you a LOT for your kind words! It really means a lot, mostly these days. Things haven't been easy in the past, and they still aren't. It's very nice of you to worry like that (please don't ruin your health worrying though!), and having such a comprehensive and kind fanbase has done more for us those past years than any medical update.

We'll try to give some news soon. Unti then, we'll tell Sally how kind and thoughtful you all have been and still are, it will help her feel better in the hospital I'm sure!


Again, just excuses. And no product. Scammers.


Bro,, people go through shit in their lives. Cut them some slack, if you can't be understanding and patient then, that's a you problem. Game Development isn't something that can be done overnight. Be grateful that we have this amazing demo until they can find the time to work more on the game. Be Patient smh


J'espère que tout ira pour le mieux pour vous, personne ne mérite de vivre de telles expériences :(. Je vous envoie des ondes positives  :) <3 <3 <3


Merci beaucoup! On prend toutes les bonnes ondes que vous nous envoyez ça nous aide à avancer! 


oh dear, I'm so sorry so many of you have had to face such horrible things. This world truly is cruel to those who don't deserve it ):

I truly hope everything gets better soon and that you can be at ease once more. And hearing sally's message made my heart hurt, why would her doctor put her on something so extreme like morphine?!? 

My friends and I wish you wellness and will be supporting you guys no matter how long it takes!  We wish you only the best and are praying for you that everything can improve soon, no one deserves such terrible treatment...

Thank you for the update, and please take care !!

 Prenez bien soin de vous ! 


Hi Syl, thank you for your  kind words! It helps with our current situation, really.

We wonder the exact same thing, but unfortunately there's nothing much we can do now about that except try our best to fight it! 

Again, thank you and your friends for the nice thoughts and words, we can keep going thanks to our dear community being so supportive and understanding and patient! 

Take care too Syl, it has been a rough couple years! 



Pourquoi le monde est-il aussi cruel ?? ;_;

Je suis profondément désolée pour tout ce qui vous arrive et espère sincèrement dans ce tunnel sombre, vous arriverez à trouver une petite lueur de sérénité et d'espoir. Et ne vous inquiétez pas, on attendra le temps qu'il faudra pour que VSN voie enfin le jour !

Pleins de bisous à vous trois et prenez bien soin de vous. <3


On dit toujours que la roue tourne mais là il serait temps qu'elle le fasse!

C'est très gentil de poster un petit message plein de bonnes vibes comme ça! C'est grâce à tout votre soutien qu'on lâche rien, on fait vraiment tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir pour aider au mieux et on en a vu défiler, des médecins! 

Prends soin de toi aussi, on sait à quel point c'est important la santé! Merci encore! 

Hope everything goes well for you all, seems like if it's not one thing going wrong it's another for you guys.

I don't know why her doctor would put her on something like morphine for such an extended period It's known that it is highly addictive that's why it should only be used for extremely short periods of time. Here's hoping she can get the monkey off her back.


I don't know if we have bad karma or something but it seems it's never ending.

We wondered the exact same thing about the morphine, sadly there's nothing much we can do about it right now - free healthcare doesn't mean all doctors are competent. We are doing our best to help her with it in our own way, that's why it's not as bad as it could be! Now, though, only professional help can deal with the disease part of it.

Thank you for your concern, it means a lot - and it helps a lot too!

Why is this cruel world always trying to destroy beautiful things??? (T_T)(T_T)(T_T)

I am very sorry for everything that all of you have had to go through and it seems that you still have no rest, I am about to pray for your well-being to see if that improves your karma or luck or your devil takes it with another person or your guardian angel stop goofing around or something, and I'm not even religious XD.

Don't worry, take all the time you need, it is well known that good games always require time, and good working conditions for the creators<3.

I wish the best to each of you<3<3.



We are wondering the exact same thing... 

Ain't no rest for the wicked they say :/ Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, religious or not I'm sure it helps! We would like for whoever is in charge up there to stop messing around. 

We know it's quite a long wait, but it feels like twice the wait for us and we can't wait to finish and release it. Luckily, we have people like you having our backs, which helps a lot! We can take a deep breath thanks to comments like yours and we won't ever thank you enough for that!

Take care of yourself too, Aural, and a million thanks for your kindness and patience and sweet words!