Devlog 10

Hello everyone ! We hope you are all doing well, and you fully enjoyed your holidays (for those of you who were on holidays).

We’re back with more news and an overall view of what the future may hold! The hardest parts are finally behind us, and even though Sally is still on light medication, it’s nothing that can get in the way of her work! In the same way, her physical condition is encouraging, with a new routine including working, eating, and exercising, routine that should help her get better! The disease shall not win this time (though it tried hard, the little [censored]).

We were able to get back to writing! The engine has started again, and it’s running fast! After such a hiatus, we might need time to find our marks, but we’re entirely back into VSN’s universe at last (and damn, that feels good.)

What we mostly need now is time to make some progress with the game so we can show you some screens and pictures in time. Please do not worry if you don’t hear about us a lot on social medias for a while: right now, we still don’t have much more to show you and we first need to create content for that!

We can share with you the design of the shirt we decided to print for our Tipeee’s anniversary, since it always feels good to get a new drawing of our dear Rave!

Since we were able to get back to writing properly, you surely understand we mostly want to keep working on the scenario instead of focusing on the detailed explanation of everything that happened within the last year. Just so you know, we are writing it at the moment, and we’ll still share it with you when it’s finally ready! We just have other priorities at the moment.

Good luck for those who go back to school! It’s a brighter year in our case!

Take care!

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Awesome to hear Sallys doing better! Just dont overwork yourselves now. Though I wont lie and say im not excited for the upcomng progress but slwo and steady, all that
Also fire slug is one of the perfect profile pictures in discord, so thanks for them precious little flames. 

Thank you so much! We're very careful about every team health now so don't be worried about that! We're so glad you like our little LordFire! Thank you for following and supporting us! 

Happy to hear from ya'll and the design is beautiful!

Thank you! We're happy everyone seems to like this design! 


very happy to hear you guys are all safe, and that Sally is recovering! take all the time you guys need to get things in order, health is the most important thing these days!

Thank you for all these kind words! It helps and motivates us! We're back on good tracks now!


I'm glad to hear that Sally is doing better! <3

She fought back!