Devlog 12

Hi everyone ! We hope you’re doing well !

Health update; unfortunately, Sally is having some kind of relapse. This month’s production was slowed down because of it, and we once again have to attend many medical appointments to keep everything under watch. Thank you for your patience and comprehension through all of this, we won’t forget to tell you about every little change of course!

You have to know December will be a break month for us. Tipeee excluded, we will not work on the game. It will be the only month where we won’t have to think and manage everything related to the company, so we can fully enjoy our families, Christmas, New Year… And we’ll finally be able to play videogames we haven’t even touched yet (let’s be real here). We hope you’ll understand this need of holidays! VSN is the main topic of every conversation and project, even when we tried to leave it in stand-by to recharge our batteries, we couldn’t, so we now need a REAL break!

Be sure we’re still going strong, and we hope 2022 will start with good news!

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Health and winter rest firtst, seems perfectly sensible. Hope Sally will recover soon, gotta be a huge bummer to get a relapse for em. 

Thanks! We keep watching over her and we do everything doctors say we should, but sometimes it's not enough... We'll stay strong though! Happy holidays :) 

Get all the rest you need! I hope you enjoy your holidays!

Thank you! Same to you! Happy holidays :)

Hope sally's health will improve soon, i send my prayers. I also hope you all have a wonderful break, !! you deserve it after everything that's happened regarding development, especially with covid. Happy Holidays !! Stay safe and take care :D

Thank you! We hope for the best. Time to breathe a little :) Thanks again! Happy holidays!

As always my prayers are for Sally to get well soon, and it is totally understandable that you need a break to function better for work! Happy holidays everyone 

Thanks a lot! Times have been rough lately. Happy holidays to you!