Devlog 09

Hello everyone! We hope you're all doing okay! 

The sun is back, the lockdown is more or less behind us (for now), so our mental should follow that nice rhythm! We also wanted to wish luck to every student out there on their way to their exams! 

As usual, let's start with some news regarding Sally's health: the last medical appointment and examinations showed there were some issues which are now being taken care of with medication. We'll know on the next appointment (which is next month) if said medication is efficient. If it is, it means she has recovered ! If it isn't, then she'll have to undergo surgery again. 

Once everything is eventually behind us, we'll communicate a fully detailed news about everything that happened. Sally isn't the only case, the actual crisis oversees patients that aren't covid-19 related (at least in France it does) and once we get past that storm, we're gonna have to let it all out and rant. As a reminder, it has been a year, one whole year of Hell, and everyone agrees it shouldn't take so long. Let's end that part on an optimistic comment anyway: the pills seem to be working! 

Now about Sty's formation, it still progresses depending on Sally's daily capacities. She was able to work on extracts and specific scenes. We're not progressing as fast as we'd want to, so we can't say we're back on it, but we still have some new scenes to add to the game! Styria now helps with the news too (she wrote this one!) With that said, we intend to communicate on all our social medias again as soon as the medication (or surgery, if there must be another) works fine! 

Once again, thank you all, take care, and see you next month!

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