New demo build! EDIT: April fool!

EDIT 04/02/2020: 

April fool!
(Admit it, you already knew it)

We hope this small demo made you laugh! We are leaving the possibility to download it on, it was renamed " April Fool Demo " For those who haven't saw it yesterday: It's a fake demo's extension, with paint drawings done with mouse.
If you are curious, we left a small lore info in it (a character's relationship).

As most of us suffer from Quarantine, we decided to cheer you up with an exclusive view on what happens next in Valentyne Stories Necromancy! Many of you told us the demo ending was frustrating, and so we updated it so you can go a little further this time!

Click on the files below to know what happens after you chose a route! 

We hope you'll like it!


April Fool Demo LINUX 654 MB
Apr 01, 2020
April Fool Demo MAC 646 MB
Apr 01, 2020
April Fool Demo PC 664 MB
Apr 01, 2020

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you know its good if it was drawn with a mouse

Ahahahah, you totally got me!


Thank You!!!