Updates + Kickstarter Schedule

The proofread version of the demo is now available for download!

A big thanks to Ariachiba for her excellent work!

Here are some examples of the corrections in the script:

Other changes: 

  • A "filter" feature has been added to the journal 
  • Blue and purple words now give access to their respective entries once they’re clicked on 
  • The skip feature doesn’t stop at the last class anymore
  • The frequency of repetitive events (such as the screen shaking) have now been reduced

The last frame of the game has also been updated: the Kickstarter campaign is now set to launch in June. You can check it out here: 

Click here to preview the Kickstarter

We are currently working to finish the last of our administrative tasks before launching the campaign! Be sure to follow the Kickstarter campaign to not miss any updates!


ValentyneStoriesNecromancy-0.1.60-pc.zip 444 MB
Jun 04, 2019
ValentyneStoriesNecromancy-0.1.60-mac.zip 427 MB
Jun 04, 2019

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