48 hours left!

Only 48 hours left and 13% to fund the game! We’re almost there!

In order to help us to get through the final rush, don't forget to share and comment all our posts: every little bit counts! Don't forget that even the tiniest cent is helpful!

Also, there is one question that has been asked a lot recently: can you get several keys of the game so you can give them to someone else? The answer is yes! It works the same as every add on: take the counterpart you want, and add the price of what you want to add. For example, for two games, take the basic tier and double its price! We will send a note to all those who have paid more than what tier they picked so we can know what to send you!

Thank you all for your support, messages, and positive reactions. We are so lucky to have such a supportive and responsive fan base! Thanks to all our friends who might've lost followers due to all the sharing they did for us. Only 48 hours left before the campaign ends!

To Participate, it's here: bit.ly/2xllYon

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